the human experience

have you ever stopped to think how the universe is in constant motion, in our favor, and yet, most of the time, we hardly even notice it? consider this, as you read this, the earth is rotating, the sun is traveling through the galaxy, rising and setting, the moon has ever changing phases as it waxes and wanes, and the waters on our planet move from high to low. this all happens without any human intervention, it is just part of the astonishing incredible existence of life.

now think about this, do you think that the earth, the sun, the moon, or the waters ever question their purpose? these things are in consistent and constant change, they are part of the universe as we know it, and each and every day, regardless of the change, the phases they are in, they show up. the universe shows up for us, as without these things, human existence, would not be possible.

human existence is different than the galaxy, we have this wondrous powerful thing - our mind, which occupies our thoughts. unlike the moon phases, our thoughts can be controlled, by what we choose. At times, we can find ourselves having thoughts that cater to old patterns or stories that we get caught up in – maybe we feel unloved, not good enough, not good looking enough, just not enough…these thoughts evoke emotions that can have us feeling empty, hollow, and in despair.

we can also choose to recognize these thoughts for what they are, they are just thoughts, often times not validated by anything that can take being a human away from us. the human experience can be a road that is crooked, twisted and turning, dark and cold, and it can also be so bright, blue skies, butterflies, singing birds, and blooming flowers, and much of the time, it can be based on the power of the thoughts that we choose. no mistake or choice can take away our human experience, there is nothing that can take being a human away from us, just like we will never be able to make the ocean not the ocean. We have a responsibility to show up as a human, that is all that is required, no expectation other than just being human.

no matter how dark the road, or how repetitive the thought or pattern is, we have a chance every single moment to change it, with just one different thought, and then another, and another, and another, just like the ocean crashes into the shore and retreats back into the ever moving waters, we too can change patterns at any given moment.

you see, you are part of this universe, you are part of this journey, and the sun, the moon, the vast oceans and galaxy, they not only need you, they want you to be part of this experience, this one, where there is constant change and things are in motion all the time, in your favor.

i know there are times when you feel change fatigue, when showing up for yourself seems like the hardest task you have ever been asked to do, but this is where trust comes in, trust in this human experience, choose the thought where you acknowledge that all is required is that you be a human.

if we trust the sun to rise, and set, then, we better show up for the light!