One Year Ago


exactly 365 days ago, today, i got a call from my boss while i was at a harvest festival on a day off. i was asked to be part of a "global leader program" to develop leader qualities. i was excited and scared all at the same time. i knew in my gut it was the change i needed, both professionally and personally. i had found myself in an unhealthy personally and my career felt stagnant professionally. yesterday all the participants were asked "what did we learn?"

here's mine: 
- leaders who are capable of making themselves vulnerable are the best kind
- leaders want those around them to succeed
- leaders behaviors do not evoke fear, but rather just the opposite - fearlessness
- leaders listen and seek to understand
- leaders ask for help, they know they don't have all the answers
- leaders make mistakes, they know they are human, and they admit to their mistakes
-just like everything in life - it's a practice

my life changed a great deal along the way, and it was painful - i learned that my tolerance and rationalization for the behaviors of people i really loved wasn't something i could or should accept, and i had to let go. my life looks very different, in just 365 days and i am still finding my way, but, the difference now is i have so many more tools, and people, who do display the qualities and behaviors that are the right ones to help me along my path.