Grow In-spite of the Mud

grow in spite of the mud

final stop...japan.... 
i was recently remind of the how a lotus flower grows...this magnificent flower emerges from muddy waters, untouched and unstained from the murky pond water beneath it. it's beauty is actually possibly because of the mud and unclear waters that surround it. i was so close to saying no to this program, then i was so close to leaving this program (good thing they say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades)... life felt heavy at one point, and somedays it still does... but i had a choice, to push through the uncertainty, the unclear waters... or to remain closed and never grow. i chose growth, it really did feel like pushing through heavy mud sometimes, but i am so glad i did... im also eternally grateful to the people i get to travel with (they have come to love snacks like peanut butter, flavored almonds and mini snickers just as much as me) and family and friend who support me. i feel lucky and blessed.