Run vs. Yoga

running vs yoga

lately i am asked often “you run and you practice yoga, aren’t they so different?” maybe. but maybe not. you can’t take more than one step at a time, just like you can’t take more than one pose at a time. just like in yoga, the rhythm of your breath creates a cadence in your run. in both, you find strength where you need it, and softness where you can cultivate it. the most important connection is what you have to offer. with the recent events in new york, it would be natural to have fear - and i do. but as always, the universe creates connections naturally with people who really know me, that make it hard to deny that both running for a cause and the practice of yoga are bigger than me. it’s a connection to a source that is deep within and outside of you when you can offer up your service for those that cannot. i hold space for my students when i teach and i hold space for children with cancer when i run, and their families who want more than anything for their child, sibling, cousin, niece / nephew etc... to be well.