On Pain and Suffering

suffering, in all forms, comes with the territory of being alive, and human. when we love someone, including ourselves, watching them go through a painful experience can be so hard, and of course being in it is certainly tough. a broken heart, physical pain, or even spiritual suffering can make you feel vulnerable, exposed, weak... wanna know the reality? all humans who are willing to be seen have felt this, its one of the things that connects us (now it’s not all doom and gloom - love obviously is the ultimate connection). recognizing this might help you embrace your pain, its not important how the pain was created, that’s in the past, what are you going to do with the pain? cultivate it, harvest it and channel that sh*t to make yourself the most bada** individual you can become. use your pain to put love into this world, make yourself vulnerable. “the best way out, is always through”.. so dig in, bear down, get your hands dirty and messy, make mistakes, its all a growing experience, and you will get through, i know you will.