Where Does Happiness Come From?

when you discover your self-worth you discover happiness. your happiness is completely within your control. we live in a very external world, a constantly changing, ever evolving, seemingly never stopping universe, so it is easy to get confused. but the truth is, the content that is within you, is where you cultivate happiness. this might be hard to see, because happiness is a feeling, it isn’t completely tangible. happiness can radiate from you, your vibe can transfer to other people, how you approach the world, can be felt. when you look within, and begin to appreciate and love all of the gifts that you uniquely bring to this world, it happens. you find yourself smiling from ear to ear and giggling when you make a goofy mistake that you know yourself to do over and over. happiness begins to trump the self frustration, your inner voice speaks only kind words, and the external noises that intimidate and create fear are drowned out by the confidence and light that you tap into, within you. everything that you need, is right inside….inquire within.