2019 #seeker

be a seeker.

utilize your words, actions and energy to create connections with other humans around you. seek, inquire, understand, let your actions be not about “what is in it for me?” but rather “how can we be of service to each other?". when we seek, we learn from each other. there is an underlying essence that profoundly connects us all, so when we embrace the differences that we have and become a seeker of these differences, this is where the connection lies.

consider this, do you grow and learn when you are surrounded by others that share the exact same thoughts as you, or when you are open and receptive to others that turn your thoughts completely upside down and around? do you seek to see it other ways?

do you ever giggle when someone can show you another way, in a way that is supportive, seeking, and communicative? (its my favorite part). i’m not suggesting we aren’t allowed to have opinions about what is best for us as individuals. rather just the opposite.

try on the things that don’t fit, shift your focus until you see it another way, and then make a decision for you.

having an opinion about what is best for you makes you stronger, but the strength truly lies in allowing the space and maybe even encouraging the space for others to hold different points of view, and embracing those viewpoints.  being a seeker embraces the diversity that makes us all unique. spend time creating a connecting by seeking to understand the vast ability we have to all see out of a different lens. you never know what you might find when you step outside of your comfort zone, and consider just for a few moments that the thoughts you have are specific to you, the experiences you have had, both good and bad. maybe if we allow, others can help us shift how we see things based on experiences.  

if you had to share your thoughts in carefully chosen words, how would you do it?

what would you say so that your words described it? how can you use words so that they carry positive intent, for everyone involved, without agenda? your voice and words you choose carry intention. your actions to seek can create a shift. get curious. ask questions. seek to connect with every person you come in contact with this year.

be a seeker.