What If I Turn Another Year Older?

What if I never turn ANother Year Older?

What if I never amount to anything? 

What if the negative thoughts are right? 

What if others don’t approve? 

What if it is all too difficult and I fail?

What if it hurts when another doesn’t see me for who I am?

What if I keep going and I try? 

What if I stop being so hard on myself? 

What if it isn’t supposed to be easy? 

What if I acknowledge I am doing my best, and let that be enough?

What if I bet on myself, and choose myself, and love myself, first?

What if it isn’t about how anyone else feels about me, except, for me? 

What if the negative opinions of others were never worthy of my time? 

What if I use the negativity as fuel, to drive me, and always see it in my rearview? 

What if I was already something, from the moment I became me? 

What if I use kind words when I speak to myself and to others? 

What if I appreciate others for who they are and lead by example?

What if I help others by holding space, using my words in a positive way, and ask for forgiveness when I need to?

What if it really is all about love?