A Face Amongst The Crowds


i had a moment of anxiety and panic post marathon, the crowds were starting to get to me,and i was feeling disoriented. i was trying to get back to my family, who were waiting for me at the hotel where we were staying, and it felt like everywhere i looked there were barriers to get back to them, and the world started to close in on me. my heart started to race and i got scared. i found two police officers, and asked them for help, they could tell right away, as my words weren't completely coming out right, and all i could tell them was the name of the hotel, where my parents were. like angels, each of them put an arm around me, and pulled me through the crowd, they walked me within feet of my hotel. they talked to me, asked me questions to take my mind off my anxiety, and soon enough my breathing was back to normal and i could focus again. before i knew it, i was hugging my parents. its been on my mind, these two police officers, in crowds of thousands, helped me. they told me their names, and i cant recall them, they both gave me a huge hug before they sent me on my way.....they were incredible. THANK YOU NYPD and ALL of the enforcement for keeping the runners safe, and specifically for helping me get back to my family.