We Are More Alike Than Different

we are more alike than different

consider removing the phrases "some people" or "most people" from your vocabulary. while i was in line buying my dunkin pumpkin coffee this morning (it's wicked good, a boston thing, and don't worry pats fans, it was just game #1) i overheard a convo behind me and one said to the other " some people create their own storms, and then cry when it rains- ya know?". and i thought to myself "haven't we all, my friends?". we are all the same, human. we all make mistakes. i am willing to bet that while we were / are in the throws of getting lost, it felt scary, but gratefully we find people who have empathy, a big hug, a cup of dunkin pumpkin (or tea), and they say to us "i understand". maybe the mistakes aren't the same, and storms look a little different, but we have all been there. i have made SO many mistakes, and guess what? - i'm going to make more. thankfully i have people who let me cry on their shoulder (like the ugly cry, that requires a box of tissues), and they also know how to hug super tight and tell me that they really love me. i will pay it forward. it is my ultimate promise