All the “What If’s…”

lobal leadership week #3 baveno, italy. a friend was making me giggle recently at my "positive and inspiring" posts, which i loved. the truth is this year has been the most challenging for me thus far. i am so grateful to the people close to me who have supported and hold me tight when i need it. traveling globally is an amazing opportunity, and a once in a lifetime experience - but it can evoke fear, and dealing with change and the evolution of life while taking on an experience like a global leadership program can be overwhelming. "what if something happens to me?" "what if the people i love don't know how i feel?"...all the "what ifs", all the feelings. the reality is - no matter how near or far we are from people we love, we should never stop letting them know. cease every moment in your life for love, don't waste the time on anger, starve it out with love instead.

grateful and travel