Lessons From A Coloring Book

lessons from a coloring book 

this little nugget (my nephew kurt dennis or KD), and i were recently coloring together. i was coloring a christmas elf, we were using new markers santa brought, and we were both so excited, because they smelled like ice cream flavors. i was coloring a christmas elf, and in my usual way was focused on making it "perfect", using red and green and coloring perfectly inside the lines. kd was next to me content to just be using ALL of the colors, purple, pink, brown, yellow, blue all the caps were off, he was just coloring away like picasso creating his own art. his little sister addie called me away for a second, needing help with opening a toy, when i came back to my seat, kd was beaming looking at me in such delight. his new blue marker had landed right on my "perfect" christmas elf, and it was all over the page. i that moment, i thought to myself, this is "non-attachment". the creation i had in my mind wasn't meant to be, because the creation that kd had made, along with his beautiful beaming happy face was so much better than any christmas elf that i could ever "perfectly" color. i looked right at his beautiful sweet face and said to him "thank you SO much for making my day and my coloring the best it could ever be, i love it, and i love you". he smiled even bigger and said "i love you too!". thanks little buddy, for reminding me, its not about the destination, its about the journey, and it might not look how you envisioned, but, take the ride with people you love, and it will be better than anything you could have ever created on your own.