Got Anxiety?

got anxiety? yea, me too. the last few days have been like a rollercoaster ride (and i have only been on a rollercoaster one time, and it was trickery getting me on). i feel it in my belly, it flips and flops and twists and turns. when i speak to my community i hear "its the time of year, holidays are so tough". im sure that the time of year has something to do with it. hustle, bustle, the "perfect" gift (hint: you are the perfect gift, just you), reflection of the past year and recognizing that time is passing, right in front of us. 

got anxiety? lessons from surfing

i took surfing lessons in california and in costa rica, both spectacular times in my life (with even better people). secretly (dont tell anyone) i went surfing by myself in newport a few times this past summer, and the ride came back to is all a ride. when you are on the board, the more you can loosen your grip (mainly your feet), root down through them instead, uncurl your toes, stand your ground, focus on the strength that you have in other areas of your body, your legs, your arms for balance, your heart for determination...its all there, just like the time passing. its the same with anxiety, when the trickery comes along, and your body starts to do its thing (for me its all in my belly), relax your entire body, especially your mind, stand in your power, speak to it, tell it "nope, sorry, this is my ride, this is my wave, and i am going to catch it, and i dont have time for you". this life, its a ride, it ebbs and it flows, it twists and it turns, and you really never know when the next wave will come along, or what is around the next turn on a rollercoaster. but, if you loosen your grip, and stand in your power (it is there, i promise), you will be prepared to ride any wave, and who knows, maybe the next one, will be the best ride of your life, so dont miss it, catch it.