Dear 2017

lessons from 2017

dear 2017, you have been on my mind a lot lately, in the coming weeks, you will move on, and im ready...but i have some things to say. when we first met, you weren’t my favorite, at all. you crushed my heart, into one million little pieces, and i didn’t trust you. i wanted to run back to 2016, where it felt safe and comfortable. but, that was the past. then, you showed me the world, foreign places, that ive never seen, reminding me how vast this world is. you had me spend time in nature. you sent me angels, i see love i their eyes. you reminded me that my health, my family and community are not to be taken for granted, and that life is a gift, to be celebrated everyday, now, i tell them all the time. 2017, you made me strong, you reminded me that happiness comes from within, just like strength and love. 2017, i won’t ever forget, this lifetime is greater than me, i will show you in 2018 and beyond....i believe in miracles, because i am the miracle. thank you 2017, im not scared of you anymore. in coming weeks, i am going to celebrate the crap out of you. 2017 thank you for what you have shown